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Luminous Solar MPPT 60 is an advanced maximum power point tracker (MPPT) that tracks the maximum power point of PV array to deliver maximum available current to charge battery for off grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. MPPT technology tracks the array maximum power point in rapidly changing solar conditions, ensures maximum energy harvest from the PV array. The controller provides the better efficiency and significantly less power loss. It regulates the battery voltage and output current based on the amount of energy available from the PV array. MPPT features a smart tracking algorithm that constantly adjusts the operating points of the array at peak power point. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not require user adjustment. The Luminous MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. It supports multi stage charging for Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. In built fault diagnostics and electronic error protections that prevent the system from damaging. The controller is featured with 20*4 liquid crystal display(LCD) with backlight, eight adjustable settings switches (DIP switch), several communication ports, temperature compensated charging and in built data logging.


Maximum power point tracking delivers maximum available power from PV array.

Smart tracking P & O algorithm.

Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insolation levels.

Four stage charging – Bulk, absorption, equalize and float.

Battery voltage selection and battery type through selector switch (auto/manual).

Robust thermal design and convection-cooled design with no cooling fans.

Full output current upto 45°C without thermal de-rate.

Parallel circuit design for better performance of components.

Integrated electronic protections - solar overload, Battery high voltage, heat sink high temperature, reverse current at night and battery reverse polarity.

Over-temperature protection.

Battery temperature sensor for temperature compensated battery charging.

Peak efficiency of 98%

Low self-consumption & low power losses.

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