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Luminous Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery is designed to offer reliable, consistent and no maintenance power for solar applications. Solar SMF battery is used for solar power storage applications in rural and power deficit areas. This is available in 12volts/7.5 AH @C20 at 27°C to 1.75 vpc. The battery is based upon Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology which helps in efficient gas recombination and gives freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding.


Positive Plate: Ca-Ca with Sn

Negative Plate: Ca-Ca with Sn

Inter Cell connection: Over Partition Welding

Terminals Take Offs: Lead Antimony

Pressure Relief Valve: Rubber

Self-discharge when Charged

Ah Efficiency: Above 90%

Wh Efficiency: Above 80%

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