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KSG 1.5 KW Grid Tie Inverter

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India gets plenty of sunlight and has 1.3 billion population, Consequently it has very little land per inhabitant. With drastic fall in prices of SPV modules and BOS on one hand and rising electricity tariffs in India on other hand. Grid connected solar roof top PV systems are becoming increasingly economically viable and offer multiple benefits. The expected payback with mid-sized grid connected RTPV solution is sub-5years.


High Total Efficiency – High reliability and efficiency with low auxiliary consumption for rapid return on investment. MPP efficiency > 99.9% ; Maximum efficiency >97.5%

PV compatibility – Su-Kam Grid Tie inverter is designed to take advantage of solar modules configured as high voltage PV string arrays – with an input voltage Maximum Power Point Range of 150 to 550 Vdc.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – Su-Kam Grid Tie inverters use Maximum Power point Technology (MPPT) to harvest the maximum amount of energy from the solar array. Provide single and double MPP trackers for different application demands.

Expandable – Multiple grid tie inverters may be networked together for increased net metering capacity or future system growth. Parallel up to 50 units via RS485 port.

Advanced grid support functionality – Extensive grid code compatibility and adjustability.

Proven technology platform – High reliability and long operating life for secured return on investment.

Compact state of the art design – Transformer less design. Low space requirement, with fast and easy installation and serviceability for reduced overall cost.

Life cycle service & support – Rapid support anywhere through Su-Kam's extensive service network.

Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating – Suitable for outdoor installation

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