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LPT 1240H 40AH

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Luminous Solar Flooded Tubular Monoblock Batteries are designed to offer reliable , consistent and low maintenance power for renewable energy requierments and can be subject to deep cycel applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power defici areas. the batteries have a capacity to withstand partial state of charge (PSOC) operation. These batteries are available in 12 Volts from 20 AH to 200 AH.


Container and Lids : Polypropylene Co Polymer

Separators : Polypropylene envelope type

Positive plate : Tubular low antimony

Negative plate : Flat pasted

Connectors : Through Partition welding

Vent Plugs : PP with float

Sulphuric Acid : 1.240 0.010Sp. gravity when fully charged

Self Discharge when charged : 3% per month @ 27'C

Life Cycle : 1500 Cycles @ 80% DOD; 3000 cycles @ 50% DOD; 5000 cycles @ 20% DOD

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